Friday, July 30, 2004

30july2004Love in a Mist, Annuals

Kerry reports at the DNC. Amazing euphoria at the official convention.
I never thought the day would come.

I grew Love in a Mist, started the seed in March. Next year I won't worry about starting it so early, but seed the 16 inch pots I like to fill with stuff that spent the winter on the porch. Those little seeds grow. I love this plant. Next year also brachiocrome or Swan River Daisy. Delicate foliage and blue flowers are so wonderful, I hope Ashcroft doesn't find out and outlaw them.
Lobilia and purble Fushia in a pot send me this year. I brought a Fusha pip home from Alma's garden last fall. I got one from Debbie's garden this year. Easy stuff to root in wet soil. Keeping it in the Jan and Feb cold on the porch is a trick. Maybe I will take a cutting in the house in case the porch is too cold. I lost some delicate things last winter even though I kept the temp slightly above freezing.
Other annuals I like to save seed of are Cosmos, Impatiens, Sweet Anne (though this usually seed itself), Nasturtum, Bachlor's Button, Geranium ( I also save the plants in a bag to start again in Feb. when the indoor pots get scraggly), Calendula. This year I tucked seed in pots, kept them moist, and it was magic, I got little suprises all summer.
I also save some impatiens from freezing in the house. They object to the low light, dry conditions, but come back. They object again on being moved outside, but can't help themselves. Impatiens are also easy to root. It is easier for me to do this than to buy flats and transplant, not to mention the expense of buying flats.
I have been given the job of landscapeing two beds at the church for a September show. Not much looks happy at nurseries this time of year. I have started Thyme and Majoram and like that idea so much, I'll start more. I have a few lavender plants, I'll put them in, but they are small- just started this spring. Geraniums are easy to root. Adjuga is getting out of hand in front, I may be sorry that is will take over, but all I have to do is pull it. I'd better start more stuff, Bye.


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