Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Election day! and hot. Thunder storms last night so it is too wet to do anything outside but dream. Just as well, Tuesday is housecleaning day, and I am very distractible.

Linda and I were over weeding the decorative bed in Phenix Park to make it pretty for the association picnic on Sunday. It just occurred to me, they named that park phenix because it is a former garbage dump. Yes my children played there, it became a dump in the 50’s when people didn’t even think of chemicals and Chemistry major meant you played with a chemistry set in the basement. The park has a number of strange sink holes as the garbage settles. The bed needs edging.
I need to edge around here too, later today if it is not too hot. I got some Calendula seeds over at the park. These calendulas are so nice and compact and well behaved, I think they must be hybrids. Still, I think I’ll try them next year.
I found some more containers around the house and put in some more Kale. I don’t grow it out in the yard for the bunnies, but dearly love it. It freezes especially well. Fish love lettuces. I have enough lettuce in flats, away from the bunnies, for excellent salads. It is time to start flavored vinegars. The garlic tops are ready. It is well past time to clip the Thyme and Marjoram. I will have to clip them and wait until they come back to put them in vinegar. The basil is ready and then some. I have dried some, but wouldn’t basil vinegar go down well. Garlic and basil it is. I will try some Mint vinegar and some Lemon Balm vinegar too.
Mint and Lemon Balm have been stars in the beverage dept. this summer. I put the herb and some lemon or lime slices in a pitcher and fill with water and leave it in the refrigerator like they do over at my sister-in-law's house. Lemon mint water goes down easy on a hot day when I come in dehydrated from the garden.
Gotta go vote, bye.


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