Monday, February 19, 2007

18 Feb Life and Death after freezing

19 February Death and life after freezing

Interesting when it got so cold what froze on the porch. I don't have a min/max thermometer out there but I did see a reading of 29 degrees. The Amerigus Lily seems to have survived as well as the Carasula. Many scented geraniums have lost some leaves and I will get out there and prune them off. Rosemary is fine as is the Bay Laurel. Christmas Cactus, that lost a lot of leaves being outside in the fall when it got very cold has held up. New Flax plants are happy. The kalenkahoe has not totally died, but the other aloe types are gone.

It is February, time to trim. I have to get out and trim the Espaliered Apple and Green Gage Plum now that the weather has let up some. I got out the feeder and the birds have been coming regularly to it. Big responsibility, had to pick up seed Friday, as I don't dare run out now that we have snow cover and cold.

Order seeds and plants from Wildtype or Ann Arbor native plants nursery. I also need some vegetable seeds. I will order them from Pinetree or Johnny's.

Greening of Detroit is sponsoring a tree and shrub sale, Order deadline- March 13. I'm looking at their prices and thinking of ordering directly from nurseries for my own personal house garden. I'm also thinking of doing a church garden with the kids. That would involve a lot more politics and smoozing and making plans. I am psyching myself up for this aspect of the work. Meantime, I can do my own garden, my own little eden that I don't have to get others on board with, just to stick a shovel in the dirt. I also have a garden by the church parking lot that I have some by honestly, as the Building and grounds committee asked. I put in a few unauthorized geraniums by the entrance to the sanctuary, as there was nothing there, last year. Nobody complained.


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