Friday, December 19, 2008

Indoor Gardening Dec 8, 19

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December 8, 2008- Houseplants have gone into a mode that requires less water- dormant. They do this in lower light conditions. It is also very dry in the house with the heat on. When it got below freezing (24 degrees F) last week, I brought many plants in from the porch. We may or may not have insulated enough to keep it from falling below freezing.

December 19, 2008I have many house plants from other climes that, particularly the South and Southwest that can take occasional freezing, but do not like cold conditions for so long. In February, when much is still dormant around here, there is much thawing and blooming going on in the south.

It is said we have slipped into zone 6 where we used to have a zone 5 climate. I am cautious about this. I have given up growing apricots here. Late frosts can kill their buds. I tried growing them in the shade of the house, where they would not bloom so soon, but have had no luck. Perhaps one day I will try a potted apricot, maybe when I have an unheated glass house.


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