Wednesday, August 04, 2004

4aug2004 Pansy and Love in a Mist seed

Rain rain rain.

I planted a flat of 1/2 yellow and 1/2 purple Pansies. I took the seeds from the plants growing around.
I often wonder just how dry the seeds need to be in order to be viable. If a person waits until the seed pod is really brown, often it will scatter the seed while the gardener is busy elsewhere. Some of the pods I took today had green pods and still white seeds. Some were brown and already open. Pansy seed pods have some sticky stuff inside them after a rain.
I plan to keep these pansies until the spring. Pansies take a few months from seed. Maybe they will be ready for show this fall. I started the yellow pansies to show off during Patricia's graduation party in June. They first bloomed a few days after the party. They have been blooming all summer and I have grown to like them. The purple ones are volunteers from Lillian's garden. They have volunteered in my garden for years.
Love in a Mist has beautiful balloon seed pods not round, but have space points with little points at the top. Inside, they sport rows of shocking orange seed when still green. Gotta go.


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