Friday, December 19, 2008

Hazel Nut Trees

I want a Hazel nut tree for the backyard. Hazelnuts trees are the right size for my landscape, small. I have been making areas of cover for the wrens who like to eat the aster seeds. These wrens are not as visible as the usual suspects that like a feeder, but I think I have seen them.

I have felt bad about taking out the seven sisters (wild) rose that they were nesting in. I put up a nesting box and they raised their children in that for about ten years.

This year urban regenerists must get serious about wildlife corridors at the edge of their lots. If neighbors connect their wildlife corridors, it will make long spaces, walks and houses for wild life. If you build it, they will come.

Good to know are principles of Ecosystems like the bigger the area, the more species. In making over our landscapes to be many species friendly, we can make bigger places in urban areas by working together. Planting our edge places with native plants (Ones the work in the area they are planted) will invite birds and others.

Hazelnut is native, produces nuts, is small enough so I can look over it to my neighbor’s house and the cottonwood down the hill. I intend to put it next to the dwarf apple by the fence. Sounds like a good plan, spring is a good enough time to plant. Too late now for fall planting.


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