Sunday, August 07, 2011

Top predators

G H stays out

Dale built three new raised beds this year and put in some blueberry plants. He also fenced two areas entirely encased in chickenwire.

Wohoo, I have green beans this year that the Groud hog didn't munch. It is good to have green beans.

I have squash. Some is growing inside and outside of the chicken wire. I also dropped some squash seeds just inside the back fence that haven't been munched; so I think that the pup dogs that my sister sent, who mark territory and bark and otherwise make it known that they are the new kids on the block are home. Ground hogs don't claim my garden as territory anymore.

Dale goes out every day and waters. I had been trying to just water things in pots and not water much in the open garden. This didn't work for two resons. One, the Groundhogs visited anyway and two, vegetables grow better when they have water.

Dale in the garden may discourage groundhog visits too. We know that ecosystems need their top preditors and our little bit of garden has gardener approved top preditors now, and we have squash and beans. I did not plant corn this year, but I will next year.


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