Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Happened to the Three Sisters

About the three sisters garden: ground hog figured out how to open the fencing. I did get a few beans before the havoc, but not corn or squash.

The good news is that a farmer’s market opened downtown and I can get local veg there. I ought to pursue the making of wine and put up a hoop house. Fall is breathing down our necks.

Good stuff (count our blessings: I like to count b during lawn chemical season, as going outside and breathing 2 four d -a form of dioxin- often is too much for my immune system.

-There are many folks growing native plants. This will spread healthy systems around. If you build it they will come, insects, butterflies, maybe even native worms.

-I saw a talk by some folks who removed the vinca from their hillside. They took that vinca (perriwinkle) up in rolls, like carpet. There were trilliums in the ground underneath patiently waiting and the next spring, the trilliums bloomed. They showed a slide of a whole hillside of trillium the likes of which I have not seen except in state parks under climax forests. Too many deer now visit (trillium being a member of the Lilly family, deer like them) that is another story.

-Joe Pye weed is happy with only half day sun, next to the garage. Next year, I will include it in the trimming I do of the asters and mums- I/3 of the stems June 1, July 1, August 1. Trimming this way makes the plantings fuller and not as tall.

- Raised beds and fencing for vegetables, as we have critters.

-I planted grapes and Pears and Apples this year. Green Gage plums came in, though I’m guessing they will have fewer pests with dormant oil spray. I also planted blueberries this year. Clarence, the blueberry farmer at the market, says blueberries need compost more than soil acidity.

-Used the push mower a lot. Only maintenance was the spraying of WD-40 on moving paarts. The blades did not need rebalancing this year.


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