Friday, August 06, 2004

6aug2004 English Ivy

It was cold enough this morning that it was like fall so I worked on fall projects. We have English Ivy growing on the front wall. I planted a little piece from Alma’s garden years ago. Every five years or so, I have to trim it out drastically. I do not understand why it hasn’t taken over the whole world. It is unmowed on two sides where it will send out trailers that will leaf out where they find some sun. I took a 3 ft x 6 ft slice off the wall and got two house sparrow nests out. I don’t have the heart to actually go in and steal the eggs of the house sparrows, but I see them playing rough with Wrens and don’t want them to take over the world. I root for the Wrens, but know the House Sparrows are the more obnoxious and will run out Wrens, who don’t favor living up by the house anyway.
A Papa wren made a nice nest in a bird feeder up by the house one year. He looked quite proud of himself, but though he sang and sang, no Jenny Wren came to share the nest and he finally abandoned the project. I am not to know why, if it was the proximity to the house, or some Wren reason.
I haven’t decided if I am going to take all the Ivy off the wall and let it start again. I want to, but am afraid that I will go on vacation and come home and go into the wrong house if I take it all away, it has been there so long. The houses around here were built in 1963. They are almost ticky tacky and they all look alike.
When I get done with the Ivy, I plan to divide the Hosta and pull up the White New England Asters and the Tiger Lilies. I am thinking of a tall perennial to put against the wall along with the beach plum I’ve had in a pot for two years since ordering it from Millers and another fruit tree or two to espalier along the wall. Guerny’s is selling Kiwi plants for 15 a piece, but I’d have to trellis to grow it. I’d dearly love to grow Kiwi. Maybe Pear or Cherry or Crab apple. The apple tree espaliered along my west fence might make more apples if it had a pollinator.
A bee got in my shoe while I was pulling Ivy. It couldn’t get out again and got mad and stung me. Gotta go.


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