Tuesday, September 07, 2004

7 Sept 04 Labor Day, Finches

There is a Yellow FInch on the pillar of the front door overhang, having brunch. I wanted as many blooms as possible, and cut off the flowers when the petals shriveled and wove the flowers into the piller. The seeds inside are certainly developed enough for the finches. The little bird also seems to like the green part growing around the center of the petiole.
The dining finch spent a good deal of it’s time looking around. It took short bobs to get the seed. Perhaps it remembers when Katy used to sleep out in the front garden and do her hunting there. Katy’s calico coloring was quite effective at camouflage in the dappled sun of the garden. It always took time to locate her. These days, Katy prefers to hold court in the back yard. Her years of mousing service have given way to time spent on a ridge rest under the potting table. Her girth prevents her from doing much hunting.
Maybe the Finch is bothered by the obnoxious House Sparrows. The front overhang is the place where Mr. and Mrs. House Sparrow raise three broods a year starting in February. At times I have considered destroying those House Sparrow eggs, as Katy is not taking care of their numbers. Maybe we ought to have kept the kitten Patricia brought home. A kitten would be good at keeping the mouse population down as well as the house sparrows. I remember Mica’s hunting days. She took down many Gold Finches with the House Sparrows. Plum seems interested in the mice. Also, I like the quiet of an empty nest, all the children having flown the coop.
How clever of the Goldfinch to have found those Sunflowers. Left there, the stalks will be excellent fall decorations, in case Linda doesn’t give us any corn stalks this year. There are more small sunflowers coming along to keep the Finches happy.
The weather is very pleasant with a #4 breeze; sprightly, yet blows away all thought of mosquitoes. We get the benefits of Hurricane Francis. With global warming bringing us more frequent storms, we may as well find something good about them.


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