Thursday, September 02, 2004

2 Sept. 04 Roses, Dill, produce

Warm. That last lovely summer dance is going on. Pollen laden bees buzz around as the flowers do their best.
I was trying to remember time of year my mother told me to stop dead heading the roses, let them harden off for the winter. I remember having November roses blooming pink in the middle of the brown, and writing poetry. Must have been middle of September. Surely not now.
The vegetable garden has been quite neglected. Still I harvested green beans, from the new crop. The tomatoes are going great guns as are the cucumbers and the lettuce and it is pepper time. I also need to go back and pick the zhuccini before the fruits get out of hand. Time to freeze some peppers, cut up for use. When I need pepper, I can go to the freezer and take out as much as I need, put the rest back.
It is time to go to the farmer’s market and buy some peppers for freezing. Time to get peaches and blueberries before it is too late. It is early apple time.
I picked some Echinacia seed today while I was deadheading. By the time these turn brown, the seed is almost all gone. I do not know weather from the birds or from falling out, but gone. Echinacia self seeds and spreads itself quite nicely. So many bees are on the Garlic Chives and the Buddilia, the plants look like they are moving.
What is it about late summer, the feeling is palpable. I think it is the melody, the back drop sound of locusts in the day and crickets by night. I love seeing a lawn full of startlingly blue Chicory. I know Chicory is not native, it reflects the sky though, it is so blue. Thank heavens for cracks and slightly weedy places where it grows.
I am quite pleased about Dill. It grows around the yard in places that I plant and places it chooses. I pick some of the heads and put them upside down in a quart container. That is all you have to do to get dill seed. Later when it is all dry, take out the sticks and put the seed in a spice bottle.


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