Sunday, August 22, 2004

22aug04 Sunflowers


I planted Moulon Rouge Sunflowers a few years ago. Ever since lovely red has been splashed in the sunflowers that kindly plant themselves in the front bed. Beside the garage a few of Paul’s sunflower sprouts found themselves growing last year. This year we have a cross taller than Moulon Rouge and redder than the large yellows. It is so true that sunflowers cross easily.
They have so many beautiful curves leaves. Sunflowers too, are easy. If you don’t want them so tall, just cut them off and they will flower from lower leaf nodes. they keep up flowering until the frost, if you can bear to deadhead them. I rarely do this because birds love them so, but when they get too top heavy, I cut off the flowers, but leave most out for the birds.
I have yet to drive by the old Ford office building on Rotunda this year. I hope they let the field go to Sunflowers again this year. Last fall, it was spectacular yellow faces everywhere. The birds had a feast.


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