Wednesday, August 18, 2004

18aug04 Gallardia, Cottonwood, Iris, Vegetable harvest.


It was dark and cool all day until I went out to work, when the sun came out.
I transplanted 3 Cottonwoods into a pot for bonsai work. I have not succeeded with Cottonwoods as Bonsai as yet. Since the cottonwood next door blew down and Allen had the other one on his property putdown at the same time he had trimmers in to cut the thing up, we don’t get so many lovely cottonwood seeds in gossamer floating around like snow in June. I’d like to have some babies from those trees, so I will bonsai them. I will try not to be giddy and forget to water them until they expire.
I put 3 of what I believe to be Gallardia out in the front. Rosemary and Cottonwood and Gallardia were all in a dish, waiting all summer for me. I intend to put the Rosemary in pots to sell at Noel Night.
I put Iris in front where the Yuccas came out. It is the Iris we found in the backyard when we came to look at the house May 1989. I loved it and the large backyard, the rest is history.
The little Monarch caterpillar is 1/2 inch long. I got him another milkweed plant to chew on. I love watching them transform to butterflies.
The weather is definitely feeling like the end of summer. I harvested some Zucchini and have great paste and cherry tomatoes growing out of the compost pile. I tied them up. The first Brandywine came in to ripen today, it is mildly orange and large and juicy. I brought it in so nothing would happen to it, I think it will ripen to red in about two days.


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