Monday, November 07, 2005

4 October 2005 Gardenia, Peppers, Cold

I have had a Gardenia for 8 years or so. It has not bloomed. I asked the lady from Beruit who has a bakery on the corner, she brings in Gardenia flowers regularly. She said she fertilizes with an acid fertilizer, for tomatoes. I didn't get around to trying that, so I did a repot. There were three plants, so I cut off a lot of root and top and gave each plant it's own smaller pot, the better to fit them on sunny window sills. I put one in the south and one in the east. One is too big and is stuck on my north facing porch. I already look for the one in the kitchen window when I enter the room. There it is, basking in the morning sunshine, looking well shaped and glowing green, ready to be there for me when the snows fly.
We are getting a cold front Thursday. It has been beautiful, getting up to the low 80's. Time to pot up the last peppers I want to bring in. Habeneros and little hot ones thrive anywhere. They are pretty at Christmas.


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