Monday, November 07, 2005

18 September 2005 Collecting Seeds, Fall garden

Saving seeds, cutting down milkweed so as to collect the seed pods before they colonize the backyard, bringing in plants for the winter. Summer vacation is over.
On labor day, my neighbor, the farmer said "The growing season is over". He is right of course. His beds are tidy, only a few beans left growing. I'm still picking tomatoes, ripening them on the window sill. I'm not ready to pick the green ones just yet, but soon. Tomato season was too short this year.
It was a dry year. Hard to keep things going without watering. I pick a few beans now and then. Mostly they go to the dry bean pile. Nasturtiums seem to like the fall. The chives are back. Soon I will pick and freeze and dry the parsley. Strawberries have sent out runners that are wandering all over looking for places to start themselves. Marigolds and sunflowers along with the purple asters and one lone rose are making all the color. The monarchs have gone. White cabbage moths still like to sip at the flowers, as do many wasps and bees


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