Wednesday, September 21, 2005

22 July 2005 Deadheading

My pruners usually come with me in my forays around the garden this time of year. The late lilies are in full tilt. Cone flowers and Guillardia are putting on a show. Geraniums, Nasturtiums, and the spring planted Zinnias, are coming along. Then there are the beans and cukes that have to be kept picked. One has to be constantly on guard, lest the Zucchinis get out of hand.
If any of these are allowed to go to seed, they will be done for the season. Sure, you can let the beans mature. Then you'd have dry beans. If you had a monster Zucchini, you could make Zucchini bread. The winter squash that seems to be taking over the garden can be deadheaded so only five or six big ones develop. You can let it go, but come fall, you'll have some immature squash and pumpkins.
It's a mini Handmaidens Tale out there. I choose lots of blooms, fewer seeds and small, tender beans. Yesterday, after the rains, there were even some late Raspberries. The out of hand weeds that were allowed to get large and whose roots will disturb if they are pulled can be cut off. They won't make so many seeds then. The gardener becomes divine, gets to chose what comes to fruit. Don't forget to deadhead or trim those Snapdragons. They will keep up a show through the fall.


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