Friday, January 02, 2009

Be Careful What You Feed, It will grow

Gardening is not an instant payback. Soil building happens over time. Most gardeners will say it is all in the soil. Soil is uno number one important.

I stopped tilling or digging much in my soil. It was just getting good, nice to put a shovel in the soft soil- free from compaction as I would not allow anyone to step on it and had put compost in. I put compost on the top now and move the compost rings to new places. Making compost on top makes a good environment for worms and healthy soil bacteria and these entities make the soil soft.

Top output is not what I like to think about. I like to watch who is winning. This year at the start of the season I fed young cabbage looper larvae to my goldfish. I now wonder if the bloom of cabbage moths and larvae I saw over the year was because there was not enough looper in the yard when birds came hunting, so they chose somewhere else to hunt. I will hunt cabbage larvae, but I would much rather delegate that task to birds who would get nutrition from it.

Be careful what you feed, it will grow, I’m thinking as I survey the stewarding done on my small plot of land here in the city. I collect seeds for the next year. I try new varieties, mostly native, to see where they will grow. I plant tomatoes and I put in cucumbers and peppers. I grow broccoli and kale in pots and garbage cans up high, far from marauding ground hogs.


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