Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Parsley and Dill

Parsely and Dill

Parsely takes a long time to start, goes to seed the next year. It is a classic biennial.

I started it early last year, since it takes so long to sprout. It is easy for me to get fresh Tabuleh at the bakery on the corner, they make it fresh and use lots of parsley, not so much bulgher. I had best get to starting parsley this year. I could start it outside now, as April Fools Day is upon us.

Parsley is so high in vitamins A and D that I ought to use it in more soups and salads. I am confused about the flavor, the fresh herb is so mild. I wish they used it in Dal and Indian food, I don’t often think it appropriate to mix parsely with mustard and turmeric. I hereby declare that dill and parsley are a good addition to Dal, especially in spring.

I often make a dip out of chives and parsley and dill with yogurt or sour cream and a little salt. In summer, cucumbers must be added, sometimes peppers, and it is not then a dip, but a salad, alternately, use up the last of your chili powder with your cucumbers. I do not often use strong language like must; if you try this dip, or salad you will understand.

Dill plants itself around the garden. Dill is so nice, I don’t know why anyone would want coriander instead. Coriander might be grown in addition, I must see to it this year.

Posted 31 March 2009


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