Saturday, March 21, 2009

Window Sill Gardens

Lettuce Seeds

Some of my lettuce seeds sprouted, so I had to move them to the porch where they can get more light.

I ought to grow more mesclun. I know that the packaged organic stuff we get from California is grown with water from reservoirs that are silting up, transported with fossil fuels, and old. I have been lazy about growing my own, but I ought to.

I do grow stuff on the window sill all winter long, mostly geraniums and impatiens. I stuck a citrus seed of some sort in one of those pots (as I was cooking) last year. The citrus sprout is about a foot tall now and has it’s own pot. I am thinking about putting plants in pots with each other. Cactus gardens are mixed, why not other mixes?

Potatoes that sprouted in the cupboards over winter now occupy pots, along with philodendron and are green. Those potatoes might be delicious, instead of winding up in the compost.

It took a long time, but I am getting the idea of putting more than one plant my pots. Olive seeds and palms seeds and lettuce seeds that I collected in my travels are in pots all over my space. I do not know where it all will go, but I know it is silly not to put in lettuce seeds with the lot. It would be better to have lettuce on the sill with the geraniums in winter than geraniums alone.

Pots on the window sill as ecosystems. It is a stretch to think this way, the thought may fly.


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