Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gloomy/ Sunny

There is an upside to gloom and doom, though mistakes will be made. What works will be studied. I like solutions that solve at least three problems at a time. If I grow broccoli in the backyard, I only pay the transportation costs on the seeds, not the grown product, heavy with water, from California. Moreover, if I bought open pollenated seed and saved it next spring (broccoli is biennial), I would have a lot of seed. If I grow broccoli in an old garbage can on my cement, I catch the rainwater that would have run off into the storm sewer and put it into my plants who will respirotranspire it into the air. I don’t have to fire up my car to go to the store, and I don’t need a recipe book, just cook what is in the garden.

I think above I have named three things, though once I get on a roll, it is hard to stop. Gardens are fine places for finding what works. Next year mistakes will disappear sucesses can be eaten and the gardener can start all over.

Now is the time to plan out new protocols and November is the time to assess them, to figure out what works.


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