Saturday, February 07, 2009


The inside garden on the sill was getting to the top of the window. I trimmed to half of the window, put most of the trimmings in water to root, they will make nice starts for various gardens in spring. (In former years it was fun to watch as foliage got tall beyond the top of the window. Heat and light deprived folks in the north are easily entertained in late winter.)

Now is the time, as the sun creeps toward the zenith, hibernating beings are feeling the earth move, coming back to life. February is a time to make a pilgrimage to a local green house. Blooms are prevalent now in warm places, in the tropics.

Snow began to melt today, at temperatures above freezing, ice breaks up pretty fast.

Time to order peppers, as they will like a start this month, they take a long time to get to garden size.


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