Sunday, May 03, 2009

Many tasks, come spring

Frost pockets predicted. I have a lot of plants outside I will have to bring in or cover. I live in the city and the heat island effect will probably preclude frost, but I, or more accurately my plants, have been burned before.

Both pea plantings are up, thinking of putting up metal supports. Rope supports sway in the wind, though when the weather settles, this will not matter as much.

I pulled garlic mustard. There was not as much garlic mustard on the hill as last year.

I have the job of moving soil, as my neighbor has made a low path. Maybe that soil will go into raised beds. I have some compost too.

I pulled garlic mustard from down the hill, there is less this year than last. the flowers have not bloomed yet, but buds have formed. I put the bodies on a leaf pile, not a recommended practice, as there may be enough energy in the bodies to make seed. In my small garden, I can always pull up offending plants. Waste Management wants green stuff in separate bins so they can compost; I have decided to look after things myself.

Better to make Lasagna with leaves from plants that haven’t begun seed pods, the flavor is better.

Posted 3 May 2009


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