Sunday, August 08, 2004

9aug04 Mind on fall

Nice weather for working.
It got a little hot in the sun. I was heading for the west side of the house. I plan to take out Day Lilies and divide Hosta and scatter 4 O’Clock seeds over there, but didn’t get there today. I ended up clearing out in the front garden, digging up Yucca and Ajuga for the church garden, and generally tidying up. I pulled a lot of that little blue flowered weed and trimmed Lemon Balm and white New England Aster so it will grow more compactly. I trimmed Malva and Calendula, edged a little and put in some Lambs’ s Ears on the edges.
It was too much for Dale. He likes more exuberance than I left growing. It will grow back cccome fall and not look so sad and droopy, but new. As an experiment, I trimmed the Purple Geranium, a perennial. It has been getting some new growth. I wonder if it gets trimmed more, will it bloom. I have never gotten fall bloom from it, so I am watching for that. I put some pots in the empty spots, 2 filled with Petunias and one of the exuberent Pelargonium filled 16” pots.
In back I pulled up Mint and weeds, trimmed Thyme and Marjoram, cut out Old Raspberries and trimmed ones that are too tall. The compost piles are getting tall. There is still time to cut back and see some fall growth. Mint and Lemon Balm and many tall perennials flop and get new growth from their roots. Old growth can be cut and composted, helping the new along. I didn’t cut all the Mint flowers off, because the bees love them.
Scott came today to pick up his trees. He got one of the Gingkos that I started from seeds found in Dinky Town when I visited my sister. I gave him some potted Elms and a Peach for Bonsai. Also some Mint.
When Mosquitoes got obnoxious, I put in some time on the apron, in lieu of a dog constitutional. I repotted some Cyprus Alternifolia and Baby’s Breath that was pot bound, put some Impatiens and Coleus in water to root and bring inside. Rooted some Pelargonium and got started on indoor gardening. I will have more window sill space this year.
I found some Monarch eggs on the Milkweed. I have put three in an aquarium. I located screen for the top so as not to have the caterpillars pupating all over the place like they did last year. The screen will keep them in the aquarium. It may be harder to photograph them, but they will be safer.


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