Sunday, August 15, 2004

15aug04Rain Gardens at Church

We finally got some rain. I did landscaping at the church yesterday. I went back today to water and found it had rained there. Then it rained here, after all the cool days waiting for rain, it finally came.
Hosta and Decorative Basil and Yucca and Lambs Ears and Sage and Marjoram and Thyme and one Lavender is what I put in. Also a couple of Hosta on the north side.
Landscaping is different than the sort of exuberant gardening I like to do around my house. For one thing the gardener tends not to be around every day so it has to be plants that can more or less get along on their own. Plus there needs to be a plan so more people can participate in the implementing of the garden. We have made a start in planting a few things in order to see what happens.
I did a bit of watering today and while at the spigot, I noticed that down spouts still go into the underground sewer lines. Hopefully that will be outlawed in the next few years. I want to make rain gardens. There is one down spout that flows under the parking lot. It will be a challenge ot figure out what to do with that water. I have identified a bare spot next to the parking lot that gets so much run off that grass will not grow there. That would be a great place for a rain garden. It is quite narrow, but it might work. I had better make a master plan and get it approved by the building and grounds committee before I start trying to find funding for these rain garden projects.


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