Friday, August 13, 2004



Compost. I would get around to going on about compost sometime. I may as well get it over with because I think about soil health and sponginess all the time. I think about it as I walk the dog and see other people’s gardens. I think about drainage. I think about rain gardens and soil absorption.
I have drips going today too. Lilies, especially day lilies would have enjoyed more water. Or they would have enjoyed richer soil, soil that retained and absorbed more water.
I am giving them a slow drip to get down to their roots today.
The Lilies ought to be planted in dish places where water will run during a rain event. The dishes ought to have compost. Last year was a very dry year, and lilies looked bedraggled at the end of the season with lots of yellow and brown leaves. They don’t look well this year either, but we had a good season for rain. Lilies are not from here Asiatic lilies- well I guess we know where they are from and day lilies are from ___--. There is a native lily- Turks Head Lily. I ordered some from a catalog in Maryland, so I don’t suppose I got the real deal from Michigan. My Turks Head Lily has little nodes on the stem underneath the flower. I’m guessing these are new bulbs that will start new Lilies soon.
I have begun making little compost piles all over the yard, I still have a big one behind the garage, the little ones are so I don’t have to carry the weeds so far. I can go out and tug a few weeds at getting tomato time or cutting Basil time and toss them in a chicken wire round. In a year or two, the weeds will be rich soil with effective microorganisms and I can move the round down to the next spot. I put the rounds on places where there are weeds, Buck thorn plants I don’t want, but don’t want to use round up. If a weed is in too hard it can’t be pulled it up even after a rain, it needs to be smothered.
I want the soil all over the yard to be like it is under the compost pile. It is friable and absorbent. I have tomatoes growing out of the compost pile this year. These tomatoes are super tomatoes. Squash that grows out of the compost pile is green and verdant and never has any bugs. Why should I save this happy state only for the compost area. I hope effective microorganisms and organic matter can make spongy soil all over the garden.
II have three Day Lilies From Hughes garden. It is not there anymore, Mr. Hughes and Mrs. Hughes died some years ago and their children sold off the business. Mr. Hughes grew new varieties and sold them. His field was his large front yard. You could go and pick out your Lily at blooming time. My Lemon Lily is variety Parry Sunrise. It has a very small blush and it is slightly ruffled on the edges.
I ought to dig more compost and carry it out tot the beds in the front yard. I have not yet figured out a way to make compost out in front, I do mulch out there. Gotta go.


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