Wednesday, September 22, 2004

22 September 04 Swamp milkweed, Lettuce

Today is the first day of fall. It is getting cold at night but still warm enough during the day so pollinators are out. Not yet crisp, but the trees are turny, the Cottonwoods are yellow. The Sycamore leaves are falling more frequently. I’m keeping the windows closed at night but have not yet turned on the heat.
The shadow the house makes on the north side has reached almost to the garage. I planted more lettuce in a 7x10” pot. When the second true leaves come out, I put the little lettuces in flats so they have room to grow. Varieties; Deer’s Tounge, Cimmeron, Four Seasons. I usually plant too many and don’t find places for them all. I also got some swamp milkweed seeds off the plant in my neighbor’s yard. It was a volunteer that planted itself in her garden last year. It didn’t bloom until this year. We are both watching it to see if it comes back to decide weather it is a perennial or a biennial.
I will put all the flats with the plant starts in the shade when I go away for a week. I’d better get my neighbor will water them once or twice during that time. Gotta go.


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