Thursday, September 23, 2004

23 September Tomatoes, freeze, Birds

I picked more tomatoes today. It occurs to me that deadheading works with Tomaotes too, as with beans or fflowers. Pidking Tomatoes before, made the ones on the vines grow, though they are smaller than the firrst.
From the ones ripening inside, I took the red sauce tomatoes and cubed them up for the freezer. I put them in plastic bags, one meal size, one bag and put them all in one large freezer bag after they froze.
The Goldfinches and House SParrows were making a racket aroundthe Sunflowers untill the cats came out. Then I didn’t see one bird. When we go away and the cats spend their time inside, I expect the sunflower seeds will be eaten up.
I put markers on the flats I planted yesterday. It is good for me to do this. I tend to retain the plants if I know they are there.


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