Monday, November 07, 2005

11 October 2005

It is fall, all of the tender lovlies are in, well mostly. There are still some marginal pelargoniums and a few coleus I haven't decided if I have room for in the house.
I still have to figure out the bones of the new rain garden in front. I was leaning toward a swale filled with rocks, lined with plastic. On seeing the unfilled swale, I have changed my mind. I like the idea of lowering the grade gradually from the house. I seems more elegant. More work at the start, but less to look after in the long run. I could be like Dorthy who lives across the street. She has plastic under rocks for a mulch. She cleans her rocks periodically so they won't grow things. I will have to move some plantings.
Good to do it soon, as a little girl tripped in the below swale nest to the walkway yesterday. The transplanted Holly is doing well. The gradual grade will still end in the dirt slightly below the cement. The whole area is garden, spongy and absorbent, but over flow will find the very low dish at the corner away from the house.
I didn't start any more perennials this summer. I will put some seeds in the rain garden, even though most take more than one year to flower. Once echinacia for instance, gets going it takes a lot to stop it.
Speaking of stopping, I have pulled mint out of the circle garden in orderto make room for more raspberries. Behind the garage raspberries were smothered by too much mulch and not enough communication by residents.


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