Saturday, January 17, 2009

Green Roof dreaming on a winter's day

A green roof on my garage would be a prototype, if it is cheap enough. If a person drives around east of my house, they will see many failing garage roofs. My guess is we will see more endangered properties in the near future.

One method of taking out failed houses I have seen, I will name schlumping. I don’t know the exact methodology, but the top half of the house ended up on the ground and looked like a tent until the demolition crew took out the house and filled in the hole that was the basement. It is not pleasant to see this process, the schlumped house has tended to remain for a long time.

Once a house loses the roof integrity, the envelope or outer casing goes, structural integrity is not far behind. If we can figure out a roof that can be affordable, many domiciles and garages can be retained.

I spent some time at the web sight of It looks like they are putting green paks over the top of existing roofs. Green paks have a mix of growing material that will work to grow succulents (there are a few succulents that have shown invasive qualities and must not be used) and the installer or roof tending personal would plant the vegetation. I am thinking of do it yourselfers here, like in the 1970’s economic downturn.

The installer and maintainer would have to know or learn protocols for roof safety and would have to maintain standards for installation and care of a green roof. How hard can it be?


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