Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Chickadees in the Asters

Chickadees visit the asters out back, looking for seed. Perhaps I will put out some thistle seed, as the snow is not melted, and I don’t know how much aster seed is left. I assume these chickadees were here all winter, although I have not seen them until about a week ago.

I have not put out a feeder, as it will attract sparrows. I met a woman who goes to sparrow nests on her property and takes the eggs. Sorry, unless I’m hungry I have no interest.

There were sparrows that used to nest in my porch over hang. Papa would call and put out his chest in February. The babies, supervised by mom or pop, took their first flights from the roof. They were very entertaining in February when everything was brown.

Such is life when the ecosystem changes. I set out to change the ecosystem. It is a possibility that the ecosystem on my little piece of property has been changed by my efforts, the chickadees have become more dominant.

I still have a next door neighbor who uses lawn chemicals. He does use capsulated fertilizer now, the run off does not reach the creek as easily.

There are sparrows that nest in the ivy growing on the front of the house. If I go outside, I can hear them and see the family antics. Some day, the ivy will be torn down and the Sparrow family will have to find another home.


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