Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Humming Bird at the Choral Bells

Humming bird at the Choral Bells

We used to see humming birds when we lived in the city, three miles from Rouge Park. My neighbors put in red salvia every year and that is where they dined. Today I saw a hummer at my pink choral Bells.

This year I have made an attempt at planting cardinal flowers. These reaquire some stratification (Cold). I did put the seeds in the refrig. but maybe need to put the planting medium in too.

My neighbor to the east has a pot full of red salvia. As he pointed out: hummers need a whole lot more than a pot full of flowers.

I am seeing hummers and monarchs as rangers, going far and wide to find sustenence, perhaps reporting back to headquarters on what they find. How else could they survive, I’m wondering, excpt by working together.

At Wilderness State Park last year, I saw one cardinal flower in bloom. A tribe of humming birds would have to have sharp eyes to find it, among the trees, by the river.

I have a hankering to range far my self, go to Ann Arbor farmer’s market, maybe or even up to Mason, Michigan to Wildtype Nursery, and purchase cardinal flower and other wild lobilia plants. Not that I have had that much luck with them but a gardener has to keep trying.


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