Thursday, June 18, 2009

Planting in June

Middle of June, time to plan fall garden starts. More lettuce and cole crops are nice, I usually start them in flats. Most summers get so hot that starting things in the open garden, even if watering once a day, means conditions that are too dry.

I started more lettuce and some cosmos and carrots in the ground. Carrots like the cool weather, but may do alright this year. We have had a good cool spring here, nice, and a rarity these days.

My organic farmer neighbor has harvested early peas and will put in corn in that spot. I like this, as the nitrogen is fixed for the corn by the peas. This man is full of wisdom, says he doesn’t plant corn until the ground is good and warm and Michigan ground gets warm slower than his former Indiana ground.

I am thinking of planting a hybrid corn variety this year. I have enjoyed the open pollinated varieties we have tried, but don’t get much corn from them. Maybe I will be able to buy corn at the farmer’s market.


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