Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reasons to have lawn

Lawn that is mowed at least three times a year. Conditions will be:

1.Invasives will not spread in a mowed environment. They will not be able to take root. They will be sawed off by the lawn mower.

I recently went walking in a piece of land that has been forest for 40 years or more. Because it was in the middle of industrial and residential areas, there were remarkably few invasive plants growing there. I was with a group and we pulled garlic mustard but there where not many invasive species. The area is cut off from gaining diversity through having a corridor, but it is also cut off from invasive species. In other urban forests I have been in, there were a lot of invasive plants. Every body keeps their lawn mowed around this area. There are roads and parking lots, not much untended or marginal land.

2. Meadow-like conditions are maintained instead of succession marching on and becoming climax forest (in our area climax forest is Beech-Maple).

3. Turf grass is a nice surface for baseball and Soccer, golf and frisbee golf. (BTW Frisbee golf requires much less mowing than golf with cute white balls and clubs)


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