Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Floppy Fence

Biggest Garden Technology of the Season (for me): Fencing

Hurrah, tomatoes are beginning to come in, this has been a cold year, but I take my harvest bowl out to the garden in August.

My three sisters garden, safely behind floppy fencing is proving to be GH proof, at least in the middle. If beans or squash grow through the fence, they have been chomped. I have noted one winter squash developing. Green beans do well when the leaves are uneaten. I almost feel young again, floppy fence technology is that gee wiz to me. For years I have been unable to grow beans, lettuce and squash, which the GH likes. What the GH doesn’t like is mostly peppers, tomatoes, and fine old raspberries, onions and leeks, I have grown these in the way back.

I have been unable to grow squash or cole crops for years, I give homage to the floppy fence. (Floppy fence is wire fence with no support at the top that Ground Hogs have little interest in finding themselves swinging at the top of.)


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