Thursday, August 20, 2009

Invasive plants 2

I have a friend who says why bother garlic mustard is clever, are we? Invasive species are here, and how can we fight an invading army?

I ran into a steward of a natural area, he was digging a new bed and will get to the buckthorn, female trees first. There are many things on his to do list, buckthorn removal was apparently not at the top.

When the paradyme is framed on the linear level, moral equiv of war and all that, I tend to relax and back off. Invasive species are not the end of the world. I hiked with a man this spring who took garlic mustard home and made Lasagna.

I love to recall literature (I am including comix as literary): Mr. Natural sat down and meditated in the middle a countryfied space. A city, complete with freeways and interchanges grew up around the old duffer and still he meditated. Then the city declined and open space returned and then he stood up and went on.


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