Monday, August 09, 2004


Sunny, mild.

Transplanted broccoli, five lettuces. Found some circle fences. I wonder if I could borrow some of Allen's cool boxes. I have a lot of broccoli and Kale and lettuce that would like a home.
It is that time of year. Dale asked me if I wanted him to get dinner cause I have swollen glands and am tired. I didn’t, there is too much good in the garden to eat. We had a salad with avocado and green beans from Sue’s garden and a pepper and carrots and paste tomatoes that have started coming along. I squoze a lemon and cut up some dill and put on some flax oil and mustard. Then mixed. I warmed some cooked noodles and black beans in the microwave, put some parmesan on top. It was too good.


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