Thursday, January 06, 2005

6Jan2005Epiphany, fungshui, Windowsill, planter'sreuse

6January 04, Epiphany, Fung Shui, Windowsill, planters from reused materials.

Epiphany today, some prefer to say twelfth night. Time to take down all Christmas trees. My tree, a decorated Rosemary, will go back out to the porch where it will like the dampness. The Holly sprigs in the windows can stay for a while, but they are dry and will start dropping leaves.
I read my Fung Shui man, Dennis Fairchild, in Phenomene news, he says we all need to energize the east during cold and flu season. My east windows have scented geraniums and a Fuchsia, so I’m good there.
My window sills have been very satisfying this year. I grew a good mix of plants, well adapted to window sills. I made plastic planters from the many containers available to the modern consumer. Thin and deep works for most plants. I have large window planters without holes for saucers. They catch runoff and keep the plants damp. I also make self watering pots for Impatiens and other high water useing plants that don’t mind getting their feet wet. Old water bottles get cut in half, the tops turned upside down, dirt and the plant go in the top and the top fits into the bottom. The bottom is the saucer to catch the water. Holes go in the cap. When excess water drains through the cap to the saucer, it can go back to the plant through capilary action.
I am interested in starting peppers in February. I hope to get some lights set up for them, as there isn’t enough light on my north facing porch for plant starts; they get spindly if I start them too early. I saw some fabulous varieties in the seed catalogs, but want also to use the Tri Fetti and the little Tai peppers, my daughter-in-law wanted Tai Peppers, for decoration, I think, they are very hot. I have a good group of peppers, I collect small varieties that grow well on the window sills in winter. I don’t get many peppers this way, am working on it.
Washing off the aphids is an important part of the work. Finding good containers is important too. I plant them in compost. Maybe someday I will invesigate the fertilier aspect. It is satisfying to have peppers live through the winter and go out to the gardne again in spring. I ought to keep track of yield too.


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