Monday, April 11, 2005

11 April 2005 Marigolds, Salvia, Guillardia

11 April 2005
I am not feeling so driven as last year. Alan next door had the most wonderful tomatoes he started in late May. Spring is short, but it doesn't matter.
I planted some flats today. Crackerjack Mixed colored Marigolds, mixed colors. These are the large tall type that go on far into the fall, blooming like crazy. They get up to three feet tall. Blue Bedder Salvia, an annual, and Goblin Gaillardia. Gaillardia is will make a nice mass planting at the church. It takes heat and dry soil and ought to go well on the east side of the sanctuary. Salvia will thrive in a dry place too, but isn't a perennial. I intend to buy a flat of Lobilia again for the edges.
It is liberating to plant a hole flat of flowers and not worry where they'll go. I can do mass plantings around here as well as at the church. It is quite thrifty to grow your own, but the Gaillardia will take two years to flower. Meantime, I'd better label it, lest it be mistaken for a weed.
It already seems like a dry spring. It is almost warm and settled, although we get some wimpy wind sometimes. Not satisfying April showers at all, although the Daffodils are out. Daffodils are quite satisfying. The crocuses have come and gone. They didn't last long, it was too warm for them. Forsithia is in bloom. I picked a bouquet. I'd like it if springs were chilly the way they used to be. It is almost not worth planting spring bulbs, if we are going to go directly from winter to summer.
I'm cranky today. I didn't garden enough.
There are Baby Blue Eyes with second leaves now. The yellow perennials are getting second leaves grudgingly. The home saved Hosta seeds are doing the best of all. There are maybe 20 little Hostas obliging me. The kale seeds I saved from last year are doing nicely too. I started them outside and don't have to worry about their getting enough light. I don't know where I'll put them all, because the ground hog will find them tasty, but they'll freeze well for winter.


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