Saturday, February 26, 2005

26 Feb 2005 Geraniums, Coreopsis, Blackeyed Susan, Blanket Flower

26 Feb 2005
Spring coming...

P1 was cleaning out the fruit cellar yesterday and found the geraniums I put in there to winter over. Geraniums calling to mind the fall day when I pulled them all up and put them in a bag in the basement to keep them from freezing. They were still alive and even way down there, they knew it was spring. They were growing new white leaves. The leaves were white and small, living off the stored life in the stems. They had no sunlight. They will green up on the porch, until it is warm enough to put them out. The house sparrows in the eves are brooding. Soon we will hear the racket from the young ones.
Even though it is cold out, the year is moving on.
I started parsley in an empty pot. Parsley takes a long time, and doesn't mind the cold.
I will bring in the dirt I put in the garage to have some for planting and start some perennials in flats. Blanket flower and Black Eyed Susan and Coreopsis.
Yeah Spring!


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