Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Marigolds, musings, seeds

24 May 2005 Marigolds, Calendula, Zinnia
We have had a couple of good days of rain. I transplanted Zinnias and Calendulas into the front rain garden. I massed them, making unusual shapes with them rather than rows. I like the unusual shape idea. The Calendulas with the small growth habit are roughly in front, Zinnias in a meandering stripe down the middle and taller Calendulas towards the back of the bed. The yellow Dahlia is showing itself. The succulents in this garden are finding their own, filling in nicely. Lilies may need dividing. I will do it in the fall if they don't bloom well this summer.
The tall habit Marigolds are interspersed in the back beds. I didn't take out the leaves, thinking of a permanent mulch in the front bed, south of the front walk. I have had experience with transplants being eaten in a leafy bed, and will a have to monitor. Not many garden bugs like to munch Marigolds. In our world, if there are carbohydrates to be found, there is often some creature to eat them, especially if they have leaf cover to live in. Not much stays unaltered in the garden. I will move the mulch, rather than let the marigolds get chomped.
Everything is looking green and well. Echinacia and Rudbecias are spreading, except in the circle garden. The GH is fond of Echinacea and eats it in August. Why the critter waits until bloom time is a mystery to me. Plant's hormones change when they flower. I notice a blooming plant will not as easily root.
Watching seeds unfold is fascinating. Many seeds root before they send up first leaves. They are not attached to the dirt they live in at first. The micro-climate in their vicinity must be damp and cordial to them, although many seeds have probably evolved though sprouting habits to survive tough conditions.


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