Wednesday, May 25, 2005

13 May 2005 Rain, What's being planted, Spring garden etceteras

13 May 2005 Rain, water, seeds
Rain fell short of promises. It was a light penetrating spring rain, but it wasn't long enough to penetrate. I have a lot of little seeds planted and am hoping they didn't try to sprout during that rain, as it was scant. Forecasters predict thunderstorms this weekend.
I scattered the sunflowers Amanda and Charlie passed out at their wedding. I put in a row of Nasturtiums in the sidewalk bed. I thought the number of seeds from the packet I bought from NK (formerly Northrup King) was miserly and won't go for them again if I can help it. I got quite expansive for a while there and put quite a few seeds in. There are two more lettuce towers. There are vines, Nasturtium, and Thunbergia. I put in the remainder of the Red Orach, in pots and lettuce towers, thinking it might take to vining habit. Basil doesn't seem to think it is warm enough to bother sprouting, except for the purple decorative basil that seeds itself all over. Morning Glory waits until warmer days before it sprouts. Some of the Lavender I have sprouting in plastic bags on the heat register sprouted and I put it in a pot. Maybe it ought to stay on the warm porch for a week or so, just to give the little seeds a bit of a push. No sign from the zucchini or cuke yet. Maybe they would be happier inside too. Vegetable seeds seeds seem sprout when and where ever they are planted, and only tell you what they need by becoming exhausted or expiring. Perhaps they have lost their sense of place. Tomato seeds left in the garden from last year will wait to sprout until it is warm and mild.
Garden design is being done on the fly, or it seems that way to me, as I didn't get out the graph paper and plot my beds in January. I do have some grand plans in my head and some small ideas of what can go on. I want to put the Silicone (tomatoes and peppers) out behind the garage where the Raspberries have abandoned ship. The GH will eat and greens I put here. I might put a small patch of corn here too. I have to cover each ear with a paper bag lest the squirrels think I planted it for them. I like to start corn in a flat and transplant it. There is room for winter squash to meander around here. I only wish I could find a way to keep it from the ground hogs.
I'm putting Beans in the bed up by the cement. I had brick edging here, but took it out and had thought about making it a pond. When the cement became car parking space, I moved some pots, etc. onto this plot. There is room in the middle for beans. I put off beans so the GH won't think I do it for him, as he likes new beans. He hasn't gotten the peas behind the hoop fence. I will have to put a hoop fence around the beans too. The beans could go in any time, I think. Alan, my neighbor and organic gardener extraordinare, plants by the phases of the moon, like his father did. He is very organized and methodical in a way I only dream of being. I plant more variety of things though.
I don't get as much written as I have to report this time of year, as I get antsy and have to get beck out there and see how things are doing. Like right now, how is the transplanted parsley surviving. I figured the rain would keep it happy. It has been two days since that disappointing rain. We shall need a rain dance.


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