Wednesday, May 25, 2005

15 May After the Refreshing Rain

16 May 2005
Finally, a good rain fell. The little plant starts got a new set of leaves. Time to put things in the ground.
The annuals in flats are too numerous to put in larger pots before they go in the ground. I don't have enough pots, even though my family members tell me the pots take up too much of the garage. I will have to let them grow large enough to put it in the ground, but not leave them too long in the flats to become crowded. The mulch needs to be pulled away from their little stems when I plant them, as bugs find transplants succulent.
I want to take things down to the church, Sage and Hyssop, to put in while the ground is wet. The Salvia can wait. I'm afraid groundskeepers will think it is a weed and pull it up. I shall have to make markers.


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