Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fall begins

Fall garden mode: does anybody really know what time it is...

The sun is peaking onto my south facing window sills again after it was high in the sky all summer. It is time to begin to think of winter gardening, set up grow tunnels outside, bring house plants in from summer vacations, what not.

As a gardener, I used to be sad this time of year, thinking of the long winter ahead. There is so much gardening to be done, since I opened up to cold weather gardening, fall is almost as busy as spring. Fall crops need a start, most are started but I found beet seeds waiting, lest the winter and colder months be barren. Peas are already flowing out of containers and garbage cans in the back.

My competent neighbor has made squirrel proof fences, he will get some of the corn he planted. Well done. I will have to pick my corn under ripe. I can try the old bag around every ear. I will get some corn that way, but squirrels are quite competent at eating through bags.

I bought some corn at the farmer’s market and froze it, but look thoughtfully over at those fences that fit in his raised beds and over the corn.


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