Monday, August 31, 2009

Picking Green

As vine ripened tomatoes obtain cache, we may over look the up side of picking green. Picking green has taken hold as a solution to shipping, and in shipping we have reached and over reached limits of picking green.

In backyard and local farming and gardening, picking green is useful to rescue produce from scavengers. If you pick tomatoes green, you can beat the varmints to them and they will ripen on windowsills, and taste as flavorful as ones allowed to ripen on the vine. Vine ripened tomatoes will often have bites out of them.

I am finding the same principle to be true for fruit, though am new to this branch of farming lore.

There are also advantages of pie and cobbler making (besides excellent taste) and cutting out bad parts and consuming good parts of fruit. Those who came before us knew and were skilled in using the ‘bad’ fruit to provide provender. There is an upside to having dessert, gaining thereby antioxidants and vitamins, saving up for the winter.


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