Wednesday, August 11, 2004



Around 70. Storms keep threatening and we have clouds. Last night lightning flashed across the sky, but we got no rain and it was hot and clammy like before a thunder storm. No storm yet.
I’m waiting on a storm so I don’t have to drag the hose out to the back and water the transplants and tomatoes. This summer reminds me of summers when I was a kid. I remember Mother used to keep the house closed and the curtains drawn and she didn’t like us to go in and out and let the cool air out. I liked to go in and out. If you went out and got hot, you could enter the cave like house, slam the screen door and feel the cool. If you stayed in, it got clammy. If you stayed out, it was hot. It was a relief when high and low pressures commingled and a storm front came through and the rain cooled everything off.
Scott liked Allen’s well kept and neat garden, it is next door and organic and productive and well organized and planted by the signs of the moon, better than my homegrown exuberance. Dale used to like delineated and organized gardens better too. It surprised me when he thought I trimmed too much in the front beds. He has gotten used to surprises coming out of all that exuberance.
I like both styles. Allen’s garden is more for farming and getting maximum crops form an area. My garden is more for feeding a small group with more and varied types of crops over a long period of time. I have herbs and many kinds of Alliums and lots and lots of insects. Monarchs too.


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