Thursday, August 12, 2004

12aug04 Water, Hosta, Iris

High in the low 70’s Low in the 50’s. I keep looking for the scattered showers weather people are talking about.
I thought I’d wait until it rained and softened the ground to dig up Hostas for the church. Today I dug them up anyway and now have many Hosta plants to take to the church. The dirt is so dry, clumps of it stay right on the plants making them nice packages. I hadn’t been paying attention to how overgrown the west side of the house is. The Iris was getting too crowded. I cut off the roots and the tops about half way so they’d be easier to replant. The buggy, old parts went into the compost. I think the Iris invites the bugs to eat old rhizomes when the gardener neglects to separate them and make room for new growth.
The ground was too dry to dig up the large bed of day Lilies I want to take out. Good thing, as I might have overdone, been stiff in the morning.
The transplants needed water. I dragged out a hose to use on the spigot over there. It brought memories of my mother watering. She set the water flow to a trickle then put the hose to soak for a long time. I recalled her stopping in the middle and running out to ”change the hose”. I did the same for the transplants and then started in on the rest of the garden. I think it is good to give dry things a good soaking. The ground is so dry that water runs off at first. Now after a slow trickle of hose water, rain water should there be any, will soak in.
I found two cucumbers whenplacing the hose.


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