Wednesday, May 25, 2005

17 May Spring Annuals

19 May 2005
Oh yes, the sky is all cloudy and it looks like rain. I put the Calendula of low growth habit in my front rain garden in the front row. They were getting crowded in their little plastic box. Next will come Zinnias from the Zinnia flat and Marigolds, tall growing, maybe. Big Marigolds reach 3 ft high. I'd say that is too tall for the front bed. Maybe I'll put the Marigolds by the Oak tree or by the house. I have a lot of Marigolds, but no small ones. Might start some small ones.
Common garden annuals are very satisfying to grow. They don't need much attention, call to mind the bounty of our earth. I sprouted them on the porch in flats, kept them in my spun polyester house when it was too cold for Tomatoes outside and moved them out to make room for the tomatoes. Now I have lots of annuals. I saved the seed from last year, so they didn't even cost anything. Marigolds, Calendula (two kinds), Zinnia and Cosmos are a good deal in gardening. Love in a Mist would work too. I did start Allysum in the open garden. Either the seed was too old or it was too cold, it has not come up. On the other hand, there are a lot of first leaves sprouting in my pots and flats that I look at and my refrain comes, "what is that". "What is that?" and "What did I put there?' are FAQ's. These will lessen in frequency as the season gets old.


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