Saturday, June 04, 2005


2 June 2005
The weather has turned mild, as it seems to every year come June. Weddings and graduations abound and the weather is not yet too hot, though many have begun using AC.
All of the left over plants in flats and small containers cry out for permanent locations. Their roots need to go far, find water for the dry summer. I still have perennials in pots, waiting for homes. Daisies were wilting in their little, dry pots when I watered. I found myself mowing early, before it got too hot. Time for indoor activities in the heat of the day. Late bulbs bloom. Chaos and anarchy have taken over the garden as plants get big and vie for light and air.
I learned to sharpen the push mower this year. It was a good thing, as my husband has a broken finger, and would be having a fit if he couldn't mow and it didn't look just so. It was very satisfying, actually I didn't so much learn to sharpen as to realign the blades. Rotary blades need to cut like sissors, one against the other. If they don't touch each other, as in my mower's case, they don't cut everything and the job looks shabby. When I learned how to readjust the rotor part, my job looks like it did when the mower was new.
Mowing calls to mind the edges, the transition points in the yard. When someone else took care of these,I didn't take them seriously, and only thought about edges when I felt the mower took too much. I am more careful to keep a space for the mower wheels, don't plant to the edge of the grass. I let the raspberries spread way past their bed into the grass and mow around them. I'm freer to decide where I want the edge to be. It is a time when I think about things. I like doing the mowing.
I do run into neighbors, have to have conversations with them. Power mower users don' t have to stop to talk. Their machines are too loud and likely to spew rocks and nobody goes near them. I do like my neighbors and like to keep tabs on doings around here, it is not all bad. I have the excuse that I want to get done before it gets too hot too, now that the solstice is almost here.


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