Saturday, June 04, 2005


Now that it is June, it is time to choose. There is fecundity in the garden, no doubt, but things are getting bigger. If I don't choose, ones that I don't want so many of, invasives and weeds will win. I also pulled out the hose for the first time since winter. I was on the wall, in it's hanger, I hauled it to the back and put it on the tiniest trickle and set it to water the newly placed tomatoes, one at a time.
It will spread out and get to the raspberries around the edge of the back garden. They are flowering now, extra moisture would not go amiss. I do have to move the hose every 15 minutes or so, but the drip stuff I put in one year is in the garage somewhere, waiting for me to get it out. I might, but it seems a low priority, especially since I am around anyway to do the moving. It seems like a good thing to go in and out of the garden, noting what needs to be done. later in the summer, I might not be so enthusiastic.
We are getting Lettuce and Kale out of the pots and stacked pots. The greens are too close together to let them go until maturity. I get to take young leaves off and not feel the least guilt. I will keep in thinning mode as long as I can, until they all go to seed, perhaps. I have been making salad: adding what ever is around, emptying the cupboards, adding lemon, herbs, cheese, beets, nuts oranges, and considering myself queen.
The Basil seeds I started in paper towels and plastic sprouted. I put them in a pot yesterday. Basil seeds have sticky substance that makes their seed coat gluey when they sprout. I managed to put them all in the dirt.
I found a few Spinach plants, I'd tucked their seeds in a mixed pot and they did sprout. I don't know why I didn't think of putting greens in pots to keep them from the GH, before this. It was a gardening mag that showed some pretty pics of lettuce in pots that got me thinking in that direction.


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