Wednesday, September 21, 2005

12June, Seeds, pot stacks, Perennials

I fell rich with the bounty of seeds. Like wise composting. I didn't spend much in garden centers this year. I ordered some perennial seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds. I transplanted the last of the perennials raised from seed this year, except Lavender, that is waiting for fall. Perennials went in down at the church too. I am busy using seeds saved from last year. Kale is going great guns, tomatoes are mostly saved seed, Snap dragon, Calendula, Pansy, Cosmos, Marigold, as well.
The strawberry pyrimids and the stacked pots are a lovely addition to the patio garden. I took apart a pot that lives on the window ledge in an east window in the winter. It has Scented getaniums, Impatiens and Kalenchoe, along with Baby's Tears. I like to tuck in little pots in the bare spots between plants in these potted extravaganzas.
In summer the sky is the limit for pot stacks. They do fall over. If they are too tippy, I like to dig them lower into the base pot. Keeping scented geraniums from year to year is fun because the stems get large and make shapes. They like to cascade and wind around, taking on personalities of their own. Like wise, Impatiens root easily, so get placed here and there in pots.
My small suburban lot is coming alive with rain gardens. Most of our rain water is now retained on sight.


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